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All of our products were developed to help keep you and your guests safe from infectious disease and the chemicals usedare all FDA approved.


We make ordering simple by either calling or emailing us a simple request and typically within 1-2 hours we will have a detailed cost proposal after analyzing your needs.

Volume Discounts

We offer volume discounts for larger purchases.   Contact us for additional information.


We offer financing through BNC Finance.  Click here to contact them directly: 


Many of our products are assembled and shipped out of Northern California via a number of shipping partners we work with.   These costs can vary based upon our existing inventory but always remain as low as possible.​


We have a fully staffed service department to answer any of your questions and help process your order and make sure we exceed your expectations.

Product Protection and Warranty

For all of our products we offer a full one year parts and labor warranty.  At the time of your order we will give you a written warranty along with instructions and informational data sheets on any chemicals used in our products.

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