Covid-19 Innovation: Disinfection Chambers Installed Around Jakarta

Charity organization Dompet Dhuafa installed 1000 disinfection chambers in Jakarta on Tuesday to help curb the spread of Covid-19 in the capital – currently the epicenter of the pandemic in Indonesia.

The disinfection chambers are able to sterilize the human body from germs, bacteria and viruses.

The chambers are installed at 1000 spots around the city, mainly near offices and public transportation stations and shelters.

The first disinfection chamber was installed at the Greater Jakarta Metropolitan Regional Police headquarters (Polda Metro Jaya) dan in front of the Blok M Square shopping center, both in South Jakarta.

The disinfection chamber is very easy to use, simply enter it, turn on the switch and rotate your body 360 degrees as disinfectant is sprayed inside the chamber.

The antiseptic spray used in the chambers resembles hand sanitizer fluid in its composition. It's different from the disinfectant liquid used to spray public facilities and will not irritate your skin or eyes.

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