Russia’s Putin protected by walk-through ‘disinfectant tunnels’ installed at home and Kremlin

Special “disinfectant tunnels” have been installed at the Kremlin and Vladimir Putin’s home to protect the Russian president against Covid-19, according to officials.

The installation of one tunnel at the president’s official Novo-Ogaryovo residence, west Moscow, where Putin has been holding face-to-face meetings, was first reported by the state-backed news agency RIA-Novosti.

It reported that any visitors walking through the tunnel would get showered with “disinfecting aerosol” in a bid to protect Putin from catching the novel disease.

Putin’s spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said that one facility had been assembled at the president’s residence while two had been set up at the Kremlin.

“They were installed when the epidemic was in full swing,” Peskov told journalists on Wednesday. “Extra precautions are justifiable and understandable where the president is concerned”.

Peskov did not confirm whether Putin himself had used the chambers.

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